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Was John Wayne Diehl Listed in SBC Abuse Investigation Report?

In 2010, John Wayne Diehl, a former associate pastor of administration at Piner Baptist Church in Morning View, Kentucky, was sentenced to four years in prison for four counts of sodomy. The allegations were leveled against two male victims, ages 15 and 17, who were family members.  After eight years in prison, he was released. In West Virginia, he is listed as a sex offender.

Southern Baptist Convention Sexual Abuse Helpline

Guidepost Solutions SBC Report

According to the Washington Post, a 300-page report was released on Sunday, May 22, 2022. The file includes horrifying brand-new specifics relating to particular abuse circumstances and clarifies how denominational authorities actively resisted abuse avoidance and change for several years.

Southern Baptist Convention leaders have actually revealed an extensive and independent 3rd party investigation that found that abusers were frequently ignored, forgotten, and even blamed by high-level church leaders from within this religious denomination of greater than 16 million individuals. In addition, it showed these leaders frequently deceived their very own members to prevent them from knowing about the prevalent sexual assaults.

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A Record of Dismissed Mishandling

Almost all of these disclosed occurrences fell outside of the statute of limitations, making it unclear how many predators were really charged. According to the report, an internal list was kept.

The report claims that an essential Southern Baptist leader was credibly accused of sexual assault merely 1 month after finishing his two-year term as the convention’s president. The report likewise names 3 previous presidents of the SBC, a former vice president, and the previous head of the SBC’s administrative arm as prominent SBC leaders who helped in covering for and even encouraged believed abusers.

Responsibility in the Baptist Church

Russell Moore, the previous head of the SBC’s policy arm, the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, specified ‘this is not all Southern Baptists, look at all the good we do.’ The bombshell report demonstrates a trend of stonewalling, retaliation, intimidation, and coverup.” He desires this document will bring much-needed reform and hold those accountable for their sexual assault.

The document alleges that a principal Southern Baptist official was credibly implicated of sexual assault merely one month after finishing his two-year stretch as the convention’s president. The report also names three previous presidents of the convention, a previous vice president, and the previous head of the SBC’s administrative division as renowned SBC leaders who helped in covering and actually motivated thought sexual abusers.

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